Autumn Siebold

Rob has hidden orifices

Kat Shambaugh

Kat Shambaugh is a fourth year studying Computational Media. This is her first return to acting since her freshman year and she’s very excited to bring theatre to you all. She spends most of her free time combining computer science with art, talking to her cat Sappho, and obsessively making sourdough bagels.

Gracelyn Nguyen


they see me rovin', they hatin'


(request your absentee ballot for the ga january runoff!

Abigail Russ


To prepare fro this role i brioke into NASA and ate all theor spce ROCKS and developed a taste for ROCKS and now all i can eat is ROCKS im like a birf withr gizzard sto es ah gd att hei pp9pppp89p pppp

Devon Long


Devon was born 8,387 feet tall and has since lost one foot in height every day since his birth. At the time of filming for Faucets of the Law, he is exactly 5’11”. Soon he will Descend into the Earth as he traverses the fated boundary to Negative Height he was always destined to cross. One day, should he live long enough, and reach a small enough height, he will emerge once again after burrowing through Earth’s core and out the other side, shrinking to such negative heights that he will soon tower over all of us. #GT2020

Melissa Foulger
Props Designer, Sound Designer

Melissa Foulger is the Artistic Director for DramaTech and an instructor in the School of Literature, Media and Communication. Most recently, she directed, 45 Plays for 45 Presidents, boom, The Safety Show, A Number, The Importance of Being Earnest and The Taming for DramaTech. In addition to her work on campus, she directs professionally around Atlanta and is a Reiser Lab artist at the Alliance Theatre for the coming year. Some favorite productions include Suddenly Last Summer, Wolves and Pluto (Actor's Express), Clybourne Park (Aurora Theatre) and Iphigenia...(a rave fable) (7 Stages). This is her first time designing props and sound for DramaTech. More at LUV2N8+3

Raveen Karnik

Stage Manager

Sufficient sleep and 12 rehearsals per week are mutually exclusive phenomena.

Ma Sofia Sosa

Assistant Stage Manager, Backstage Grip

Not to flex but I haven't worked out in a hot minute and I probably should

Jacob Parks
Stream Technician, Stream Director, Stream Op

I don't know who I am. I don't know why I'm here. All I know is that I must gaff cable runs.

Anna Daugherty
Stream Designer, Promo Video Designer

Hey guys! Do you remember the mannequin challenge from 2016?!!?

Charlotte Parkes
Assistant Master Carpenter

Blocks have so may sides. Why do they have so many sides?

Lauren Paulson
Program Designer,

Assistant Sound Engineer

This Program was brought to you by doing this as a form of procrastinating my other work .

Davis Williams


Hey, I’m walking here!

Milan Riddick


I exude mom energy

Katie Davenport

I’ve cross-dressed for a lot of parts in my theatrical career, but this is the first time I’ve cross-dressed as a robot.

Harper Roberts

Opportunity - Understudy, May - Understudy

As we say on Mars.... rocks.

Jacob Gasque
Curiosity - Understudy, Fred - Understudy, Sound Engineer

Ethan Boone

[REDACTED] is not permitted to share any identifying information about himself, according to the guidelines outlined in [REDACTED]. Any questions may be forwarded to our Department of [REDACTED], which you can reach Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. at [REDACTED]. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Hector Torres
Master Carpenter

Once I turn 19, I will lose all ability to read my bio

Sylvia Li
Assistant Props Designer, Robo Cam Operator

This is my last DramaTech show and I just wanna say it's been a good run and thanks for an amazing and eye-opening and rootin-tootin three years and a half :))))

Daryl Dohner
Master Electrician

And then the genie appeared and it said I get three wishes, and I told it I wish to go up to the grid, but alas, click click.

Liza Young
Set Designer, Robo-Cam Op

ah bondo... you are the smell of brain cells dying, the murderer of sandpaper, and the glue that brought tears to many a DramaTech member's eyes.

Liam Regan
Light Designer, Light Op

Gobo rotator go brrrrr

Hope Kutsche
Assistant Set Designer, Headshots Photographer

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