Diego Gonzalez Varela

This is my first (and last) show at DramaTech...

Alyse Joseph

 Assistant Stage Manager

Alyse Joseph is a freshman this 2020-2021 school year. This is her first production with DramaTech.

Liza Young
Assistant Set Designer, Assistant Master Carpenter

Liza Young is a first year student at Georgia Tech who is excited to be part of making the magic of 45 Plays come to life onstage.

Bryn Merell


Tip for really good homemade chocolate chip cookies: make the Tollhouse cookie recipe, but use Crisco instead of butter.

Jacob Gasque

Sound Engineer, Stream Technician, Sound Op

NDI, more like "I'm gonna cry"

Kelsey Durick
Costume Designer

Ratthew for President

Gracelyn Nguyen

doug liscio, you're the only reason i scraped a 3 on the apush exam. look at me now. hope you're proud. register to vote pls. after you do, here's a dumb video of me and will nute.

Jacob Parks

Light Designer, Light Op

God bless wireless DMX

Sylvia Li
Assistant Props Designer, Social Media Designer

This show did a better job at teaching me American history than my professor.

Suhas Yalamarti

Assistant Stage Manager, Sound Op

This is Suhas’s first full-fledged production at DramaTech. He is extremely excited to dip his feet into all that DT has to offer. He currently serves as the Fall 2020 Member at Large on the Executive Council and has also contributed to creating social media advertising for the play as well. He is also excited for DT’s efforts to go virtual this year and is looking forward to learning about tech crew through his sound operator position as well.

Anna Daugherty
Props Designer, Promo Video Designer

Everyday is Bread Day. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday.

Will Nute
Stream Designer, Sound Designer
Lasso Consultant

You never realize how nice it is to cue in QLab until you have to cue in VMix

Daryl Dohner
Assistant Master Electrician

"Every election is determined by the people who show up." Vote in every single election you are eligible to vote. Federal, state, and local. And all the primaries too. Democracy only works when people participate.

Melissa Foulger

Melissa Foulger (Director) is the Artistic Director for DramaTech and an instructor in the School of Literature, Media and Communication. Most recently, she directed boom, The Safety Show, A Number, The Importance of Being Earnest and The Taming for DramaTech. In addition to her work on campus, she directs professionally around Atlanta. Some favorite productions include Suddenly Last Summer, Wolves and Pluto (Actor's Express), Clybourne Park (Aurora Theatre) and Iphigenia...(a rave fable) (7 Stages). More at LUV2N8+3

Milan Riddick
Assistant Costume Designer

"I'm the Black Theodore Roosevelt!" -Jansen Riddick (circa 2008)

Hector Torres
Assistant Set Designer, Assistant Master Carpenter

I could fall from my ego to the negative of my IQ and it would hurt less than building a mobile set

Raveen Karnik
Master Carpenter

<rapturous description of my love for MattyBRaps>

Abigail Russ
Assistant Props Designer, Graphic Designer

bottom text

Autumn Siebold
Assistant Stream Designer, Headshots Designer, Program Designer

according to all rational human logic, a website intended to make other websites should probably be built by people who know a thing or two about websites. it should probably work well as a website on its own, in order to afford people the ability to make good websites through it. failing that, it should probably be at least a little bit able to function without actively making users want to stab their own computers. it should maybe be able to process things in a reasonable amount of time, or have more than 3 shitty list formats for people to work with, or allow users to place images outside of arbitrary and unseen borders, or provide a consistent guideline of where the center of the page is, or have a text editor box that doesn't block the middle of the fucking screen.  or be able to handle splitscreen without deleting half of the page? @Wix I just wanna fucking talk

Grant Butler

I like my presidents like I like my alcohol: with limited power over my life.

Davis Williams

While this play highlights voting as a way to change our nation, I want to add that voting alone is not enough. Lots of change in America- rights for women, African Americans, and the LGBT+ community- were achieved through protesting.

Hope Kutsche
Stage Manager, Graphic Design Assistant

Hey, I only signed up to stage manage ONE play! But in grave seriousness:
Vote, to protect our future.
Wear a mask, to protect our health.
And be kind, to protect our humanity.

Nadia Morgan Reichmann
Set Designer

Nadia has designed and painted sets across Atlanta, including many at Dad’s Garage, 7 Stages, Theatrical Outfit, and True Colors Theater Company. She is a co-founder of the Atlanta Green Theatre Alliance, and is also the Production Manager for the Atlanta Fringe Festival. Please let your voice be heard, VOTE!

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