Welcome to DramaTech online!  We are so excited to have you with us and to continue producing for the Georgia Tech community.  This has been quite an endeavor and would not have happened with the full investment of our membership, so I must start by thanking them for making this happen.  


So, why boom online? Well, we’d already picked a show.  And when you pick a show about a cataclysmic experience that changes the world forever, well, why not go forward with it when you are in the middle of your own cataclysmic experience?  


Jo and Jules do not know each other when they walk into Jules’ lab. Jo thinks it is a date, but Jules knows otherwise. The impending disaster will take this one-night stand to a long-term relationship of some sort. How will these two people survive locked in a space with no other outlet? And who is the mysterious woman hanging out in the corner of the screen?  How does she impact them and their relationship?


What we have discovered from working on the show is that change is difficult. (Duh, Melissa!) It takes a lot to navigate a new situation, a change in relationship, or to foster new relationships. This is not new information.  We’ve been learning about this in our regular lives on a daily basis. However, the thing that boom reminds us of is that connection is the most important part of survival.  And with connection comes hope.  And with hope comes survival.


Our ultimate goal with this show is to allow you an escape from your own cataclysm and to provide an hour and a half of joy and hope. Be well, take care, and check back with our website soon to see about our offerings for the next season, because the show must go on whether it is live or virtual.


Be well and we’ll see you back at the theatre soon!


Melissa Foulger


Artistic Director, DramaTech

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